Hump Day Roundup

Hey, maybe snow this Friday in the SF Bay Area! It’s been years so I’ve taken any ICEBIKE photos.

A late day roundup of bicycle blogs.

Streetfilms: Moving Beyond the Automobile.

Eva in Huntington Beach and her Cycle Chic Sundays rides is featured in the Orange County edition of Riviera Magazine, spreading bike love among non-cyclists, hurray!

Ballet and biking.

Attention NAHBS attendees: Austin Tweed Ride on the afternoon of Sunday, February 27 2011.


A soigneur’s adventures at the Ladies Tour of Qatar.

Factodesign: A New Design Movement That Can Help Us Beat Obesity.

Another Bike Share initiative in Mumbai, India. The other one is is Fremo.

Sorry, but I can’t help but say ‘e-Crap’ when I see this.

Aphrodite Rides Apollo

“CycloClean” pedal powered water purifier.

You park up next to a muddy river or dubious looking lake. Lower a hose into the water, hitch the bike up on its stand, and climb back on. The rear wheel is kept off the ground, and the pedals now power a pump. Water is forced through a primary filter before moving on to an activated carbon filter. Finally, the water passes through a “micro-filtration membrane filter” before being stored in the vessel of your choice.

Bicycle Design: Modes of Transformation.

Puppies and Peanut Butter and State Transportation Mistakes.

As transportation advocates adapt their messaging to a new, more conservative Congress, the language of fiscal conservatism has become the mother tongue of the movement. Smart Growth America and the Bipartisan Policy Center have recently used the fiscal responsibility argument to urge policymakers to invest more strategically, especially as infrastructure budgets shrink.

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