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You might remember the 83 year old woman who rode her bicycle to safety when a tsunami hit Hachinohe, Japan. Taylor Anderson, who was last seen riding her bike in Ishinomaki, wasn’t as lucky: She’s the first known American casualty from the disaster in Japan. The 24 year old school teacher from Virginia worked for Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). With condolences for her family, friends and students.

Lights on wheels

CN: A new pro cycling league?

UCI’s McQuaid: Cycling has been hijacked by special interests.

You might remember Reed Bates in Texas, who rides his bicycle in the road. The judge sentenced him to 13 days in jail, a $100 fine and court costs.

A video showing what happens after you hit a door at 28 MPH. Retired pro cyclist Bob Roll’s safety advice: Wear your helmet to protect your fingers. My safety advice: If you’re going 28 MPH, stay far out of the doorzone.

Video about Edible Pedal food delivery service in Sacramento. Via.

BBC News slide show: The Beauty of the Bicycle.

Bicycle Design’s Taipei Cycle Show assorted links.

“30 Rock” production and a bicycle.

NRDC: High gas prices are a demand problem (featuring a photo shot by Yours Truly).

Cyclist and the price of gas

Bike fashionistas at San Francisco Sunday Streets.

Cycle & Style: Vote for your favorite women’s bike jersey.

DC Capital Rideshare report for chilly February says 2,400 trips beginning or ending in Arlington, VA.

Google Maps now shows electric car charging locations, but I’m not quite sure how to make those charging stations appear on Google Maps.

The carbon footprint of spam (the email kind, not the popular Hawaiian cuisine).


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