Hump Day

Is it Wednesday already?

US Military Cycling

US Military Cycling are a team of Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve U.S.. military cyclists.

This is interesting: Google opens up MapMaker to the United States. Map Maker is Google’s way to get crowd sourced geo data into their map database. It’s like a commercial version of Open Street Map where a large for-profit business benefits directly from your free labor.

Police arrested a 67-year-old man after a woman said he “charged” her in his electric wheelchair, crashing into her bicycle after chasing her around a parking lot for three days.

More at The Palm Beach (Fla) Post.

From Tokyo: “Out of Disaster, a Burst of Enthusiasm for Bicycling.” Via Cold Iron. Some commentary on this story by Sarah @ Grist as well.

Under the ‘making-transit-sexy’ category is this story of Thinking ‘like an Avon Lady’ to get suburban workers on transit.

Sperm Bullit.

Bike Hugger introduces us to The Julie Blog and her Cute Commute.

Bike thief Caught in the act in Portland, OR.

Velo Vogue Vogue Around The Globe.

Caletti Cycles Flowmaster designed for the pump track, dirt jumps and dual slalom.

Photo by Richard Masoner.

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