Happy Monday

The return of nice weather to California means Highway 17 to Santa Cruz was packed with beach traffic. Between Scotts Valley and Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, Highway 17 is a limited access highway with no bicycles allowed, but when I saw the hundreds of cars stalled on the congested ‘freeway,’ I was so tempted to jump in with my bike and zip through the mess. Perhaps another time.

Ryder Road

Bicycle news

The mountainous Critérium du Dauphiné stage race is almost finished in France. This race is thought of as a warm up for the Tour de France. This year, the peloton was held up by a herd of cows. No word on if the cows doped with clenbuterol or not.

Speaking of clen, Mexico suspended their national futbol / soccer team after team members tested positive for clenbuterol, a performance enhancing drug. The team used Alberto Contador’s defense that they got it from eating tainted meat.

Tyler Hamilton (the latest pro cyclist to accuse Lance Armstrong of doping) was eating at Cache Cache restaurant in Aspen, Colorado. It turns out that Jodi Larner, the owner of Cache Cache, is a personal friend of Lance Armstrong. The owner asked Tyler to leave her restaurant and never come back after Lance Armstrong walked in. Via Bike Hugger.

Alan @ EcoVelo thinks enthusiast recreational cyclists are low hanging fruit to convert to utilitarian cyclists.

Minneapolis had an open streets event yesterday.

Before Buzz Aldrin went to the moon, he rode his bicycle across the George Washington Bridge. When he was 10 years old.

Monterey County Bikeways Plan: Request For Feedback.

The System: Transportation during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Bike messengers would survive the zombie apocalypse. They’re fast, well organized and let’s face it, look like they’ve already survived the apocalypse. I’d love to see a movie about a few bike messengers working to make their way out of the city, all talking on their walkie talkies and using poster tubes to knock some heads.

Have a good one!

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