Aguilera, AOL, Arianna and bikes

I can’t think of any way to tie the Green Pay Packers, Christina Aguillera, AOL, Huffington Post, Engadget, and bikes together into a blog post, so I’m not even going to try.

I’ll stick to a Monday bike roundup instead.

Neighbors Who Know More Than You threaten to sue for bike lane removal in NYC.

Tom Vanderbilt responds with facts about some of the points brought up by the aforementioned Neighbors etc.

Also: Staten Island Republicans borrow from Rob Anderson’s playbook by requiring environmental reviews for all new bike lanes. Environmental lawyers respond no, EIRs aren’t really necessary for bike facilities.

Me on a found 1981 Schwinn World Tourist Lady’s frame bike. Wee!

Rusty Bike Panda

Fun and science! Pickle juice promotes muscle cramp recovery.

Long time Australian helmet scofflaw Sue Abbot fought the law and won. Via Eco Velo and BP.

Mountain bike injuries down 56%.

Ecolocalizers used one of my photos in a link to a Bike Radar preview of 2011 NAHBS.

I’m not sure what to make of this “wireless electric bicycle” featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle and a wireless pedal assist system. That iffy non-functional BSO rear suspension gives me pause. Vaporware?

Palomar Mountain Two Ways.

States that Spent on Public Transportation Created More Jobs.

Republican crafted zoning policies in Virginia are eco extremism! Especially ironic is Tea Party characterization that loosened development standards will lead to “feudalistic transit villages,” since feudalism is exactly the vision Tea Party leaders have for America.

Copenhagenize: The Most Expensive Bicycles Commercials Ever Made, ha ha!

Tour of Qatar Stage 1 photos from Steephill.TV.

Tucson works to fix bicycle parking code, maybe.

Minneapolis: More bikes, less crashes.

Colorado: Bike education for police.

Man drove drunk to steal a bicycle.


  1. Snapping a culture out of lunacy, way to go Sue. ”You can still smoke, we are eating and drinking ourselves into early graves, but you can’t ride a bicycle without a helmet,” Add “driving ourselves into early graves” …

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