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Google Plus Badge

Google this morning announced Google+ Pages with a video featuring a local bike shop’s use of Pages to connect with customers.

I’ve been waiting for Google to open Plus up for business use since Day One, so as soon as they opened Plus Pages up to the wider world I created a Cyclelicious page. So far, Supermarket Street Sweep, Bicycle Design and Bike Hugger have also created Google Plus Pages.

If you know of other bike pundits with Google Plus pages, either drop me a note here or tag “+Cyclelicious” at Google Plus and I’ll circle the page and share its existance with the world.

You’ve Got Mail

Google also announced something they call “Direct Connect,” which is a way to type a keyword into G+ so you can go directly to an advertiser’s Google Plus presence. To me, this looks exactly like AOL Keywords from years ago. In fact, the whole empire building effort by Facebook and, now, Google to consolidate all content into a single portal looks a lot like AOL’s old model.


  1. Kansas Cyclist:

    Not quite sure what I’ll use it for. I hate the thought of maintaining both Facebook & Google+ editions, but maybe…

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