Bicycle jobs

Bicycle and related help wanted postings that have caught my eye for this week.

Health Education Specialist in Contra Costa County, CA duties include handing out bike helmets and running bike rodeos. The woman who does this for the city of San Jose (pictured below) is a super sweet gal and does a great job, but she doesn’t ride a bike!


Life Coach: “Need mentally tough athletic individual to accompany my son of 24 in order to aid him to maintain sobriety and develop life skills in his recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.” More –> sober coach/ companion/personal assistant,orderly.

IT support for San Francisco bars and nightclubs. Bicycle required.

Mike’s Bikes in San Rafael seeks corporate trainer to design Mike’s Bikes University training material.

Bike / Ped coordinator Charlottesville, VA.

Part time office help needed for bicycle accident personal injury lawyer.

Stationary bicycle seat engineer.

UPS is hiring bike delivery helpers in Beaverton, OR.

Internal audit manager at Trek Bicycles.

Bicycle Products Engineer in Morgan Hill, CA.

Rep for ebike company Santa Monica.

SEO web copy for bicycle manufacturing.

Denver area parking lot photographer.

Boston area bicycle delivery for Pita Pit.


  1. Interesting on this one: Denver area parking lot photographer. The company wants someone to ride by bike to each of the lots to take photos that will ultimately provide info for motorists seeking the cheapest parking space. For some reason, this amuses me.

  2. Also, the Denver Bicycle Cafe is hiring bike mechanics (and baristas).

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