Johannesburg City Cycling

Shruthi Nair — who spent her early childhood in the Netherlands — rides her bicycle to get around in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Johannesburg City Bicycle

This is from Stan Engelbrecht’s Bicycle Portraits project. He’s been riding all around South Africa shooting photos of people and their bikes.

The project is near completion, but he needs your help to finish. I’ve kicked in my $20 contribution because I think it’s a worthwhile project. If you’d like to contribute, please visit the Bicycle Portraits Kickstarter page.

Back to Shruthi: “I’ve never driven and don’t have a license so it is a good way for me to get from A to B if I need to get groceries and things, ‘cause it’s just up the road,” she says of riding in Johannesburg.

“I remember like one of my earlier memories is getting my first bike in Holland and being able to ride, and looking forward to every second year because then I get an upgrade, because I’d be getting bigger you know. So I had a green bike, a blue bike, I had a basket. I have quite a few fond childhood memories of my relationships with my bikes which is a bit weird.”

Photo from Bicycle Portraits and used with permission.

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