Big Sur Highway 1 – open to cyclists (sort of)

Update on Highway 1 Rocky Creek closure north of Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

Caltrans announced twice daily pedestrian and cyclist passage across the Rocky Creek landslide on California State Route 1 beginning tomorrow, March 30. Workers will escort pedestrians and walkers across the slide area promptly at 7 AM and 4 PM each day. The slide area remains closed to motor vehicle traffic as crews work in the area. Drivers are asked to park in the Rocky Bridge turnout at the north end of the slide and the Bixby Bridge turnout at the south end.

A 40 foot section of Highway 1 slid into the Pacific Ocean on March 18 during heavy rains. Condon Johnson & Associates, which has the $2.5 million contract to repair the road, now says their temporary repairs will be ready by the end of April at the earliest. Stage 5 of the Amgen Tour of California is scheduled to pass through this area on May 19.

The escorted crossings enables Big Sur residents to get to their jobs, school and shopping runs. A helicopter shuttle began yesterday for urgent travel, but that’s an expensive way to get to school.

Highway 1 to the south also remains closed due to another slide at Alder Creek. In this case, the highway remains in place — the closure is due to tons of mud and rock on top of the road surface. Caltrans estimates this slide will take about a week to re-open.

South of Lucia, California, Highway 1 is open to both directions on a single lane while crews work to install a retaining wall, with a temporary traffic control in place to prevent head on collisions. Southbound cyclists are required to push a signal button to activate a longer period in order to safely get through the narrow one-way uphill section.

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