Off the beaten path with bike shop cafes

Tanya Mohn wrote a story for BBC Travel on bike cafes that are a little off of the beaten path, venturing beyond the usual bike friendly cities to Arizona, Wisconsin, a National Park in Australia, the Northern Lake District in England, and elsewhere.

She writes:

As there are no comprehensive directories, exactly how travelers find bike cafés is largely luck and word of mouth. Even in cities where there are many, there is usually no resource that lists them all; even cycling associations and professionals often do not know where they are located.

More at BBC Travel: Braking for bike cafes.


  1.  Anybody know anything about the Bicycle Cafe being built at HW Highway and W. Lawther?  Looks intriguing.

  2. I don’t know much but the owner is named Armando Guerrero. He runs a construction business but is also an athlete. He as applied for a liquor license and has gone to “Coffee School”. Referring to the Cafe, he has said “it will be a different concept in this type of business”. That’s all I’ve been able to dig up.

  3. The refurb for the new Dallas Bicycle Cafe is progressing nicely.  Still can’t determine when it’ll be open, but sure anxious to know when and experience the new place.  Particularly since it’s right where I park and start out on my weekend rides around WRL.

  4. Construction continues on the Bike Cafe.  Anyone know anything more about the cafe or opening date?  So looking forward to having somewhere to chow down after a nice ride around the lake.

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