Your bike commute obstacles?

Commute By Bike has an interesting project: They’d like you to talk about what excuses you had to get past to commute by bike.

I’ve commuted by bike my entire adult life (going on about 25 years now), so the greater obstacle for me is commuting by car, but I’ll dig deep into my suitcase of excuses and say “My name is Richard and I live a ridiculous distance from work but I commute by bike.”

Ted @ Commute By Bike wants you to send in a short video snippet. Nothing fancy is needed — just a short statement from you from your phone camera, digital camera, or even your camcorder.

An upload form and more information is available here. And to give you an idea of what he’s looking for, here’s an earlier video he created. You’ll see a few very familiar faces in it!

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  1. I overcome the obstacle of a long distance commute by taking my folding bike on the train for the first half and then riding the rest. I ride a Montague folding bike which uses full size wheels and standard parts. Performs just like a standard bike. Check them out at

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