Bike employment

A “bike jobs” post used to be a regular feature here at Cyclelicious, but I haven’t posted bike related jobs in a long time. Should I do this again? Here’s what I’ve found lately.

Bike Biz posts on several bicycle industry jobs.

Mountain bike director for the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.

Account Manager for JCDecaux in Los Angeles.

Inside Sales for an established bicycle component maker in San Carlos, CA. Gee, I wonder who that could be?

3D modeler / designer to create foldable pannier in Washington DC (but this looks like it could be a remote work possibility?)

Bicycle Technician at the Marriot in Hilton Head, SC.

Account Assistant for Anthem Branding, which counts some bicycle companies as clients.

Traffic Data Technician, Gwinnett, GA. Job includes collecting data on pedestrian and bicycle traffic there.

Bike security patrol Tucson AZ, Lancaster PA, Palmdale CA, Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles.

Graphic artist sought to recreate old bicycle decals from old scans.

Brand Editor for Rodale in Pennsylvania.

Bike rentals in San Francisco. And here’s another SF bike rental opening.

Inside sales for the bike industry in Washington.

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