1. I’ve never seen a drivetrain on this side of the bike before (not in a photo that wasn’t mistakenly flipped anyway).

  2. 1) He’s riding a fixie. Doesn’t he know they invented gears, what, like 100 years ago?
    2) Foregoing #1, his fixie has a brake, which is illegal in the hipster world. Plus it isn’t trimmed.
    3) His handlebars are too wide. Hipsters don’t let bare handlebar show.
    4) His shirt says pirate in freaking Comic Sans for crying out loud.5) He’s wearing a helmet, so he obviously assumes that cycling must be dangerous.6) Cyclists use Chrome messenger bags only.I bet he’s really wearing a shirt that says pirate backwards, and you flipped the photo anyway 😀

  3. @Andy – There’s a blog you might like that focuses on important little details.  It’s called “Bike Snob NYC” … perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Of course, he’s a pro and would not have left out some a remark about the Power Grips.  In fact, he’d probably call them “fakerclips” and run with the joke for months.

  4. I thought about mentioning the power grips, but don’t know enough about how most people use them. I only hear about them for winter use though. This guy might like a set of clips that lack the straps.

  5. Since the Power Grip logo on the left pedal isn’t inverted, I’m guessing that you didn’t flip the photo and that the drivetrain is on the left. Didn’t Vélocio have a bike with drivetrains on both sides, for changing gears more easily before the derailleur was invented?

  6. I recently moved to Downtown San Jose and I’ve seen a few fixed gear bikes with flipped drive trains.  Are there any bike subcultures that have reversed drive trains?  I’m thinking BMX or something similar.   Also power grips or other similar foot retention straps seem real popular here.  

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