If I die before I wake

If all goes as planned, I’ve joined Alex for an epic, pre-dawn ride from Santa Cruz to Google via Empire Grade, Big Basin, China Grade, Saratoga Gap, Monte Bello Open Space, and down into the valley on Page Mill Road.

I’m writing this Thursday afternoon while we still have sunny blue skies in Silicon Valley, but a cold front has blown in from Alaska. Rain showers and hail are forecast for the Santa Cruz Mountains after midnight. We’ll see which of my bike lights survive five hours of constant exposure to the elements. My phone will be in a dry bag, and if the battery lasts through the ride I’ll post my GPS track to Strava as soon as I arrive at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

If you don’t see tweets, GPS tracks, photos or other signs of life from me by about noon on Friday (California time), please send out a search party.

Have a happy Friday and those of you in most of the United States – we’re supposed to “fall forward” and change our clocks back an hour Saturday night / Sunday morning. If you forgot how to reset your bike computer clock, I have a list of bike computer manuals here.


  1. I think it’s “Spring Forward, Fall Backward”. Falling forward doesn’t help you remember the convention (and often hurts, too.)

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