Happy Bikey Face

I love love love the philosophy of Bikey Face.

Bikey Face smiles because she rides a bicycle

Bikey Face rides and draws pictures in Boston. She wants her blog about bikes to be “fun and enjoyable like the bike lifestyle and also reflect my goofy enthusiasm about all things bikey.”

To her, the Bikey Face is “that face you make unconsciously when you bike” or “when you see a good view” (while biking) or when you smell “a whiff of cinnamon from the bakery you pass every morning on the way to work.”

Her blog is a collection of her fun, bikey face drawings, and it’s a good reminder of why I began Cyclelicious in the first place. Sometimes I focus way too much on inequities, injustices and politics, get a little bit angry, and Byron @ Bike Hugger chimes in with “Bro, you call this advocacy?”

So quit hanging around here and visit Bikey Face. Bikey Face self portrait used with permission.

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