BioLogic Cipher Gloves

BioLogic Cipher gloves use 3M conductive material on the thumb and index finger to enable gloved use of your touch screen mobile device.

BioLogic Cipher Gloves

The Cipher gloves have the usual features for cycling gloves: wind resistant soft-shell fabric for warmth and comfort, terry cloth snot wiper on the back of the thumb, padded & reinforced palms, reflective piping and leather closure. And the conductive fabric so you can use your phone while gloves Available from Biologic. It’s a little late for Christmas shopping, but you have Valentines Day coming up in February, and the weather will still be cool enough for full finger gloves like this.

For you iPhone users, BioLogic also updated their ReeCharge case and ReeCharge dynamo kit. The case is a hard shell case to mount your iPhone on the bike, but it also includes a built-in lithium ion battery to extend the charge time of your iPhone while you ride. The dynamo kit allows you to recharge the ReeCharge from your existing bike dynamo.

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  1. • Swrve had something like this at Interbike, but overall I like the ReeCharge product line.  BTW I think “See also: Rerun’s mom rides a bicycle” was selected because of the product line. 😀

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