Caroline Brasch Nielsen rides a bicycle

“Models Off Duty” photographer Craig Arend aka “Altamira” ran into Danish supermodel Caroline Brasch Nielsen riding her bicycle in front of Copenhagen City Hall during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen bicycle

View full size at Altamira NYC: Copenhagen Fashion Week Day 2: Caroline Brasch Nielsen.

Via Fashionsing, which has adopted my “[Name that person] Rides A Bike” meme and writes of the topic:

If there was a competition of the most fashionable mode of transport, hands down, a bicycle would be a clear winner. It’s an accessory that can be dirty, old, rusted, shiny, oversized, multi-coloured, but still be in style.

This summer, we’ve seen everything. From magazine editors riding in heels to models swanning around town and adding fuel to the bicycle-with-a-basket stereotype. But who’s complaining? This bicycle chic trend has taken a hike and there are no said boundaries.

This image successfully disses the vintage concept of wearing cycle shorts while riding. Whether you wear a petite dress, cigarette pants or even a maxi skirt, as long as you have the cycle you’re good to go.

And if you haven’t noticed, is currently having a love affair with bicycles.


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