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If I can find the right person, I’m considering hiring an advertising person to manage ads here at Cyclelicious.


Currently, I use Google AdSense to generate a little income and motivate me to do this blog. It pays for hosting, product purchases for reviews, and the occasional trips to bike shows. I and several other bike blog websites have noticed a precipitous drop in ad revenue recently.

I receive inquiries from bike companies who’d like to advertise here, but I’ve resisted over the past six years because I know I stink at organization. The one year I tried it, the result was really good for the advertiser — they’d pay for a month of ads, for example, but I’d leave it online for six months or longer with no followup from me.


I’m looking for somebody who knows enough about bikes to sound reasonably intelligent when talking with potential customers, who knows and identifies with the knowledgeable bike nerd and can talk at the same level as the bike newbie, and who’s also comfortable with web advertising metrics. You should know basic HTML coding and can learn how to use WordPress. And, of course, organizational skills are absolutely essential.

Pay will be straight commission. Income will be reported to the IRS. Work location is wherever you please, as are the hours. I think I’d prefer somebody in California whom I can meet, but I’m not absolutely sure about that. I’ll give you a lot of freedom, so you must be somebody I can absolutely trust and I will ask for and check references. I’ll also want to vette your other work connections to minimize conflicts of interest (i.e. if you work for Big Bicycle Co of Taiwan, I probably can’t hire you. Bike shop employee might be a good fit, however).

I have contact information to help you generate leads right away. Right now my web income does not cover rent, but maybe this can work for a little extra cash for you.

If you’re willing to give this a shot, drop me a note, either in a comment below (be sure to fill in the email address field), or via a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

If this works, great! If we decide after at trial period that it’s too much effort for little income, we can shake hands afterwards and be glad for the experiment.

Who else is hiring?

The two guys at QuickRak in San Francisco seek a part time Bikepreneur to join their team. I’m not personally sold on their idea, but maybe it can work?

A full service landscaping company in Santa Cruz, CA seeks Ecological Landscaper to maintain 20 to 30 sites using organic, ecological methods. You must be able to bike up to 10 miles while pulling a trailer while also putting in full days of physical labor.


  1. Hello Richard,

    I am interested in the position.  This sounds like some thing I would enjoy and have had quite a bit of experience doing.  I would love to talk more about this soon.  Thank you!

  2. I’d be interested in talking to you about this. I don’t have direct marketing experience but I know enough (and not enough) to make it work.

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