SMIDSY: Distracted by coffee

USA Network’s new show “Fairly Legal” takes place in San Francisco, CA. Mediator Kate Reed (played by Sarah Shahi) lives on a boat in a marina somewhere in the North Bay and takes the ferry to work, using a cab to get around to her various appointments.

It’s during one of these cab rides that the driver is obviously distracted by the aroma of his coffee.

Fairly Legal - cab driver coffee

Uh oh, the distracted driver doesn’t see the vulnerable user in his path: a well dressed bicycle commuter.

Fairly Legal - bicycle vs taxi cab scene

The bike rider is sideswiped by the cab driver; the cyclist gets a little hot and tries to pull the cabbie from his taxi.

Fairly Legal - cyclist attacks driver

Since Kate’s a mediator, she jumps in the middle to ‘mediate’ their differences.

Sarah Shahi Fairly Legal - cyclist attacks driver

Besides establishing shots, most of the show is filmed in Vancouver, and this sequence is obviously not San Francisco.

With apologies to my non-USA audience, here’s Season 1 Episode 2 where you can watch the bike vs taxi scene beginning at about 3:30.

Trivia: I briefly lived in Sarah Shahi’s hometown of Euless, Texas when she was a teen. FWIW.


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