Flipphandle on Kickstart

Unlike some of the half baked ideas I’ve come across on Kickstarter, professional architect Alejandro Lacreu in New York has a polished, well planned presentation for his “Flipphandle” quick release bicycle handlebar stem.

Alejandro won a design competition in 2008 with his “Flippphandle” rotating stem, which allows you to quickly and easily rotate a bicycle handlebar for easier storage or parking. Since then, he’s filed a patent application and manufactured 50 samples for testing.

For his next step, he’d like to raise $75,000 for a pilot production run of 1,000 Flipphandle stems. He’ll take any size contribution, but for contributions over $75 you’re essentially pre-ordering from this initial production run. $75K sounds ambitious, but all he needs is 1,000 people to try his invention.

For more: Flipphandle – makes bike storage a snapp!


  1. @John: I have never had an N’lock in my hands so will not make a judgment upon it. What is clear is that it and the Flipphandle create a similar solution with quite different means. The locking function is interesting but many city bikes in Western Europe already have simple rear wheel locks and many bikes in Central and Eastern Europe plus the Americas need more involved locks as security. What kinds of steerers does the N’lock work on? (I have worked with the Flipphandle team on the Kickstarter campaign).

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