Happy Canada Day

I forgot to mention – a Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border!

Zachary Parke Memorial Bike Ride

Canada Day celebrates the union of Britain’s North American colonies into a single Dominion in 1867. Britain won these territories from France in 1760 during the Seven Year War, which we in the United States know as the French and Indian War where George Washington first rose to military and political prominence. This war doubled Britain’s American holdings but also doubled Britain’s national debt, prompting the British Crown to impose new taxes on the American colonies to pay for their defense from the encroaching French.

These taxes eventually led to a Tea Party in Boston, then Paul Revere’s ride to warn the British of stiff American resistance and eventually the American Declaration of Independence that we’ll celebrate this Monday on July 4.

Bicycle News

The Tour de France 2011 begins on Saturday! Wouldn’t an American stage victory be cool on Monday?

HTC Highroad must find a new title sponsor Real Soon Now.

Americans to watch in the Tour de France.

In the USA, watch the Tour de France live online for only $30. Steephill.TV has other viewing options on his dashboard page.

Strava GPX Exporter.

The ultimate gizmo bike.

I always wondered why my liberal friends got all huffy about Tom Bowden’s “How to talk to a conservative about cycling” article. Tree Hugger spells it out for me. The bottom line for the environmentalists: You guys really need to lighten up.

Interbike Fashion Show 2011!

Wherever you are, here’s to a wonderful weekend.


  1. Conveniently enough, it is also my mom’s birthday. Being born in Toronto, she always had her birthday off without any danger of it getting combined with another gift-giving holiday such as Christmas. Fireworks were an added bonus.

  2. …you’re so well informed that you might consider speaking to sarah palin about a job supplying her with “real” facts or at least stuff that sounds more believable than the twaddle she now tries to foist off as history on an equally ignorant & unsuspecting public…

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