Happy Hump Day

Did I really forget to do a Hump Day bike blog roundup last Wednesday?

Bike Rentals

Bike to Work Day for many California cities is on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Children’s book illustrator Karl Edwards created “Insecticycle” — a a bike that tells a story.

There’s now a website dedicated to showing all of those YouTube helmet cam bike commute videos at Share The Path. Via EcoVelo. Problem with the site: They expect you to accept their “Terms and Conditions” without actually publishing them, and their “contact” email bounces. Who knows what they’ll do with your email address, so I’d avoid registering with them for now.

This is one of my more popular bike videos (40 seconds):

US DOT says highway projects using Federal funds must give “due consideration” for bicycle and pedestrian access in the planning stages. AASHTO whines “but that’s too hard!”

I don’t know anything about this book but the title sounds kind of cool.

The Sweat of the Gods: Myths and Legends of Bicycle Racing

Pedal powered Antarctic research. That’s one way to keep warm!

New York Magazine Trendlet: Fashion retailers selling bikes as accessories.


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