Happy Hump Day

Sunny with mild temperatures in the SF Bay Area, which is perfect biking weather!

Lisa with striped socks

The Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University just published a wonky guide to integrating bike access with public transit. They look at Bikes On Transit, Bike To Transit, Shared Bikes With Transit, and Two Bikes (i.e. bike to transit, lock it up, then bike from transit with a stored bike at destination). Via Jody.

Didi “El Diablo” Senft’s pedal powered rickshaw for some wedding in the UK. Via Carlton.

Kansas passes 3 foot passing law and dead red law; allies with ABATE motorcycle advocacy group for the dead red law who says they didn’t realize the issue of non-working red lights also affects bicyclists.

South Jakarta’s first bike lanes used for motorcycle parking.

Sarah’s head nearly explodes when she reads about a developer in Richmond, Illinois (waaay out west of Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin border and about 65 miles from both downtown Chicago and Milwaukee) who gives away free cars with a home purchase to entice buyers.

Meanwhile, the AAA reports an 18% increase in motorists running out of gas.

When safety makes us less safe. The article is on transit safety, but it might have some applicability to cycling as well. Measures that purport to improve cycling safety might discourage cycling overall, encouraging more people to drive and increasing the overall danger of the entire system.

HOWTO recover your bike after it’s stolen.

How a bicycle economy can help us beat the energy crisis.

Mini Penny Farthing

A bike helmet with built in turn signals.

It’s not manly being green.

WIRED features bike messengers. I like the layout.

NYPD enforces mandatory bike lane law.

Ray LaHood reminds us that walk friendly communities offer residents a gas-saving, healthy alternative.

Electronic flip flop hub.

Kent tries the Urbana bike and loves the tires. So do I.

Ron Paul rides a bicycle, and it sounds like for the same reason I generally do: because he enjoys it.

Photos by Richard Masoner.

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  1. “Sunny with mild temperatures in the SF Bay Area, which is perfect biking weather!” Ha, ha. _Might_ have broken 60 in the city. Forgive me if I don’t break out the shorts just yet. 😉

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