Happy Pi Day

3.14 is Pi Day. And Happy Birthday Albert Einstein.

Below is Marissa riding her Pi Mobility electric bicycle in San Jose, California. She’s pulling a trailer with solar panels to keep her ebike charged! More about Marissa at her website.

Solar powered eBike

In India, political parties use bicycles to buy votes. Meanwhile in the United States, I haven’t seen any serious proposals (yet) from Capital Hill to repeal our U.S. Federal gasoline tax, but some politicians are talking about releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Expect gas tax holidays and SPR releases as we approach the 2012 elections. Via.

Skis and bikes in Copenhagen. When I lived in Colorado I used to bike to the bus stop with my downhill skis slung diagonally over my back and then take Denver RTD Route N from Boulder to Eldora Ski Area.

“Smoking Car or smoking car?” MadFastTrains.com.

Ladies who ride.

Bike Path Fail.

Feminine hygiene products and bicycles.

Beer bag for cycling alcoholics.

Hacking cars:

They found lots of ways to break in [to cars electronically]. In fact, attacks over Bluetooth, the cellular network, malicious music files and via the diagnostic tools used in dealerships were all possible, if difficult to pull off.

Once they’re in, the researchers have been able to control the car’s locks, speedometer, brakes and engine.

More at IT World: With hacking, music can take control of your car: Remote-controlled car hacking is a real possibility, researchers say. Via Boing Boing.

Since we’re thinking of pies, think of Bike Basket Pies in San Francisco for your fresh-baked pies delivered by bicycle.

Enjoy your day, all!


  1. I’m just sad they’re difficult to pull off. However, we can’t be but so far from bluetooth and therefore wireless and therefore remote … ZAPPING OF THE CAR!!@!

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