Hillbilly cargo bike

Last year I bolted a big plastic tub to the back of Urbana Bikes‘s awesome RNR rack and loaded it up for the Jed Clampett look during a family S24O camping trip.

Powder Mill Road

You’re not really supposed to load things up high on the back of a bike like this — it makes handling more difficult. In this case, though, it worked out better than I expected.

Lovely Bicycle got a hold of an Urbana, loaded it up, and there’s a ton of conversation on the merits of loading up high vs down low vs trailers vs long bikes. Go check it out here.


  1. Thanks for the mention. I too suspect that a high, heavy load will feel more okay on the Urbana than on other bike based on my initial (albeit limited) experience. Love the tub idea.

  2. Home Depot carries containers like this, but this plastic storage tub is available at any larger retail store that sells household goods.

    I probably bought this at K-Mart. I don’t remember a store like this in Japan — large size and variety like a デパート but they put value on low price over anything else. Think something that “feels” like a large 百円ショップ but with more variety and more expensive items.

  3. Hi Richard. Thank you for teaching me about the plastic tub. I wonder if it sticks to the rear seat well. Anyway, it is better to lift more luggages when you and your daughter go outside with bicycles. Ah, I plan to search it when I stop at Donki which is a popular shopping mart. My mama bicycle carry enough luggages though.

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