Hincapie: Lance doped

I really hesitate posting this news, but this is going to be huge all over the interwebs with or without my help:

[George] Hincapie testified that he and [Lance] Armstrong supplied each other with the endurance-boosting substance EPO and discussed having used another banned substance, testosterone, to prepare for races, “60 Minutes” has learned. Through his lawyer, Hincapie declined to be interviewed, citing the ongoing investigation.

I wonder if CBS held onto this bit of news and timed its release during the Tour of California and Giro d’Italia to eat into their rivals at NBC / Versus / Universal?

More –> Ex-teammate testified on Lance Armstrong and EPO.


  1.  Anonymous sources. Maybe Tyler Hamilton made it up? George himself never talked to CBS.

  2. Yeah, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Not knocking Lance personally, but I’m sure a large percentage of the athletes are doping. Personally, I’m a little bored with this broken system. I’d like to see them come up with a new set of rules so we can focus on the important stuff, like cycling itself, rather than go on a witch hunt.

  3. If I am hearing this correctly, both Hamilton and Hincappie doped.  Why aren’t people upset with them.  George is still racing (and doping??)   Seems like a big waste of taxpayer money

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