Hump Day

A bout of bronchitis has been feeling like trash and off of the bike today, but there’s lots of bike news…

First of all is this sad news on the passing of Carla Swart in South Africa. This gifted collegiate recently signed to the HTC-HighRoad women’s team.

Follow the Tour Down Under at Steephill.TV TDU dashboard.

But first read this very helpful Tour Down Under glossary.

Comic Book: Urban Mobility Beyond the Car. Info about this at Ecological Urban Living.

Shuttle astronaut breaks his hip in a bike crash. Via Beautiful.

London Cyclist interviewed for a talk radio show and didn’t like the experience. It kind of matches my experience with news interviews by non-cyclists.

Steven Can Plan: integrating transit and bikes.

North Carolina bicycle and pedestrian survey.

The relationship between vehicle size and safety. So maybe the large SUV does okay in government crash tests, but in the real world there are many other factors involved.

Coastal erosion forces Ventura, California to move a bike path 65 feet inland. In Santa Cruz County, erosion undermined portions of East Cliff Drive, so the county is now building to control it with a monstrous cliff stabilization project.

I’ve heard this one before: ban winter cycling.


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