Hump Day Break

Happy Wednesday. Here’s a collection of stuff I’ve been ignoring all week while I’ve been watching the Tour of California.

Vanessa and her orange bicycle

Caltrain seeks cyclists for a bike advisory committee.

Car driver runs a stop sign and hits a cyclist. The cyclist got ticketed for failed to yield to a pedestrian.

The technology behind bike share.

Kiddy bike rack for a kiddy trailer.

From Texas: How to ride big.

AAA: Bikes are a legitimate form of transportation.

Sweet machine: BMW M Series carbon road bike.

NPR and bicycle happiness.

The normal, everyday, unspectacular ride.

Yehuda Moon: noise pollution.

Washington State vulnerable users bill signed into law.

Fat? Blame your car.

Bikes are window dressing for Soho shops.

Facts! Figures! Schedules! …for the Peninsula HSR debate.

After Jesus Del Noro (Team Netapp) crashed during yesterday’s stage of the Amgen Tour of California, he got back up on the bike, grabbed onto the medical car, and rode along at 25 MPH while the doctor leaned out to treat Del Noro’s road rash.

Treatment in transit

A pro cycling team will dispose of 18,000 water bottles each racing season.

Tour of California POV cameras. They’re cool.

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