Interbike 2011 fashion show photos

I’m in Las Vegas for Interbike 2011. I have plenty of good product material for you all, but it’s late so for now I’ll just dump the Momentum Magazine fashion show photos for your viewing enjoyment. Sorry about the lack of editing and captioning on these, but if I don’t get these out now I never will.

While I’m on the Interbike topic, watch for me live at 5:30 PM Pacific Time on Interbike TV. I think I was reasonably cogent on the Wednesday edition of this show, so let’s see if I can pull this off again for Thursday.

I’ve embedded a flash slideshow below, which you can expand to fullscreen if you like. The flash-free click-through-the-thumbnails version can be viewed here at If you do happen to click this in the middle of the night Wednesday, I’m still editing and uploading photos so look again on Thursday morning for more. Salud!


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