John Avalos rides a bicycle

San Francisco mayoral candidate John Avalos joined the SF2G (“San Francisco to Google”) bike commute group on their Friday morning ride.

SF Mayor candidate John Avalos

Avalos rode with the group as far as the Bayshore Caltrain station, where he hopped on the northbound train back to 4th & King so he could make it back to downtown in time for a breakfast meeting. He used his Clipper card but forgot to tag off at 4th & King, so Caltrain will charge him $12.75 for fare to Gilroy instead of the $2.75 single zone fare he’s entitled to.

As far as I know, John Avalos is the only political candidate with an official election spoke card. He’s an avid cyclist and long time bike commuter. Here’s a video of him riding with SF Bike Party last month.

Avalos is running with the endorsement of the city Democratic Party in a field of 16 candidates for the November election.

Read the full ride report by John Murphy, who invited Avalos along for that ride and includes a link to Avalos’s plan for a world class bike city.

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