Kia marketing and bicycles

Rantwich posted video of a Kia car commercial for the 2011 Sportage crossover SUV, which is “perfectly capable of owning any road, but prefers to share it.” View and let me know what you think.

My quick thought on this: I know Kia is in the business of selling cars and probably spends more on a single commercial than the entire bike industry spends in a year of marketing, so I know I’m being psychologically manipulated with an expert mix of music and images, but I gotta admit their magic worked on me. I can’t help but like this advertisement.

What is Kia’s target demographic? People like me (affluent male bike nut) make up less than 2% of the car market. Are we really worth targeting like this?

There’s already good discussion at Rantwick if you’d like to join the conversation there. Spotted also over the past week at Urban Velo, Copenhagenize, and even Bike Snob NYC in his Friday Quiz.

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