Big waves wash out Lake Shore cyclists

Video captures cyclists on Chicago’s Lake Shore bike path washed out to Lake Michigan as huge waves pound the popular commute route last Friday.

Police closed at two mile stretch of the path north of Navy Pier at 9:30 AM after the National Weather Service issued a gale warning. Winds up to 50 MPH in the Windy City pushed 20 to 30 foot waves onto the path. 2.51 inches of rain have been recorded at Chicago O’Hare from Monday to Friday.

Cyclists are not permitted to ride on Lake Shore Drive since a perfectly nice bike path is immediately adjacent.

Thank you to Steven in Chicago for details about Friday’s storm.

Meanwhile in California…

The National Weather Service in San Francisco issued a Severe Weather Advisory for the greater San Francisco Bay Area, warning us that a weak front moving across Northern California will likely result in light rain Monday afternoon. Rainfall from Monday through Wednesday may total as much as half an inch! The weather service warns “Commute issues are likely to occur. Drivers are urged to use caution and anticipate longer driving times.”


  1. I’m sorry but those people are fools. Who rides or walks near the stop where the wave is going to rebound? Did they no learn simple physics or play in a bath? Geesh! Also why would they build a bike path if they knew that could happen? Oh look, traffic is flowing smoothly…..

  2. Ah, the Lakefront Trail. The most popular route for bicycling, yet the worst place to do it. And now reason #102 has presented itself: big waves that knock you down. 

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