Levi’s commuter jeans

Oh, it turns out Levi’s new line of 511 skinny “Commuter” jeans wasn’t an April Fools Joke after all.

Last April 1, Levi’s announced the “Commuter” line of apparel around their 511 skinny jeans, but with fabric and design upgrades that increase mobility, durability and practicality for bike commuter. These upgrades include a U lock loop, higher waist in the back for coverage, reflective seams and detailing, and reinforced fabric at trouble spots like the crotch. The fabric on Levi’s Commuter apparel has antimicrobial treatment to reduce stink as well as water and stain repellents. The jeans will come in denim or khaki flavors.

The 511 Commuter skinny jean comes in a full length and a “cropped” length (which I guess means manpris or knickers?) There’s also a Commuter version of Levi’s Trucker jacket with a mobile device front pocket, rear pockets, drop tail, angled front pockets, accordion sleeves for mobility, and long cuffs to cover your hands on those cold morning rides to the office.

Anyway, Prolly got a good look at this stuff during a recent visit to San Francisco. For the Real Cyclists with Real Thighs, Prolly also reveals a 501/514 cut may be in the works from Levi’s. Cool Hunting also has photos.


  1. “Real Cyclists with Real Thighs”

    Isn’t that pretty much all cyclists, and in particular the fixie riders this will appeal to most?

  2. @facebook-107702887:disqus Yeah I’m not sure if I can fit into 511s – in fact I know I can’t because I wear 514s. I do love me some manpris tho. 😉

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