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The new spy cam and camcorder mount arrived yesterday, and maximum failure has already been achieved. Didn’t charge the big camera (bar mounted) and didn’t properly turn on the spy cam (helmet). Hopefully it won’t rain today and I can get footage of the same ride from two different cams.

Group Participation time now: What is your favorite video editing software (O/S and version, if you could)? How often do you record your rides? Has having a camcorder on your person while cycling provided a benefit for your ride? If you feel it, post a link to your favorite ride videos (your rides, not others’ or TdF footage)!


  1. If you have to ask, you probably didn’t just buy a camera worth paying for software for. :p

    If you have a PC, use Windows Movie Maker. If you have a Mac, use iMovie.

  2. I am actually field testing my Samsung F54 (handlebar mount) and a $13 spy cam from DealExtreme (helmet). The Samsung is too much camera for the job, but I need a good baseline for comparison. Thanks for the recommendations. Despite working in IT, I am severely behind the curve with consumer electronics.

  3. I’m using Corel Video Studio Pro X3, it’s perfect for editing HD videos, it never freezes. I record public rides or other events. To record my rides, I use an Oregon Scientific camera. Here are my videos:

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