Look like a dork, win stuff

Road Holland asks you to send in a photo of you in your dorkiest cycling gear for their amusement. The best look earns the winner a jersey.

Road Holland designs “serious and stylish cycling wear. Serious because cycling demands clothes that fit well, perform well, and last. Stylish because we believe riders shouldn’t look like ad-emblazoned corporate team clowns just because they are on two wheels.”

From Road Holland:

Maybe it was that shop team kit that you bought when you got your first real bike. Or perhaps it was that on-clearance jersey with the cereal box characters. We understand that you’ve made some pretty horrendous choices in the past when it comes to your cycling gear. We have too. After all, it takes the dark to be able to see the light.

But we want to help and celebrate how you can move on to better rides ahead.

Send us a pic of you in your worst cycling garb ever. It could be a terribly mismatched kit, some poor fitting gear, a ridiculously loud jersey, or anything similar. We will be posting the best photos for our amusement and will then announce a winner on July 19, 2011 – just in time for us to ship you a jersey for your weekend ride. It’s that simple. So start sending your entries to makeover @ roadholland.com


  1. Huh, go figure. I personally like Road Holland’s stuff. I think team kit can look good too. The jerseys I personally don’t care for are just about anything from Primal Wear, but that’s just me.

  2. I don’t care how dorky it is, I will continue to commute in my Disneyworld “Grumpy” tank top until it becomes unwearable!

  3. I had to look them up.  Exceedingly Not Primal looking, probably would be closer to truth in advertising if they called it Pretentious Wear.

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