Michelin self sealing inner tubes

Michelin Pro Tek Max bicycle inner tubes have a square profile and bumpy surface to help seal punctures.

In traditional inner tubes, the rubber around a puncture opens up to let air out. According to Michelin, the shape and texture of their Pro Tek Max inner tubes cause the tube to compress into the puncture to seal the tube and allow you to keep riding. The square profile also eases installation. Another benefit of this self sealing tube is better air retention. If I went 30 days without inflating my tires, like the below video shows, I’d want a self sealing tube as well.

Available now in 26 x 1.4-2.125 and 700 x 35-47 from your Local Bike Shop for about $8.99.

Via Bike Radar.



    They should be tied up with inner tubes and then flogged with them with the valve stems out.

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