Mountain Charlie Google Streetview

Mountain Charlie Road is a narrow single lane road that winds from Scotts Valley, CA to the summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I took Mountain Charlie for my bike commute this morning. I was surprised to see it on Google Streetview.

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Charles Henry ‘Mountain Charlie’ McKiernan hacked Mountain Charlie Road as a wagon trail through the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1858. McKiernan’s Toll Road because a public road when Santa Cruz County paid McKiernan $600 for the right of way in 1878.


  1. It’s heavily used by residents walking their dogs.  I think I saw maybe 5 cars on the road during the hour I was on this road this morning, which is more than the usual zero to one car I usually see.

  2. …sounds like about five-ish miles of cool & lovely cycling…

    …& if you’re getting in 32-ish miles of cycling several days or more a week on your commute, i’ll bet you’re in great cycling shape, amigo…

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