Mr Money Mustache Says Ride Your Bike

Mr Money Mustache retired at age 30 and now blogs about how YOU can escape the perpetual cycle of debt that keeps you enslaved to the one percent.

He’s a Canadian who now lives in Longmont, Colorado, and in his most recent post we discover he and his familiy ride bikes to get around. He also encourages you to bike for transportation, even in the winter.

You are NOT ALLOWED to stop riding your bike just because it is cold outside. So if you’ve ever used that excuse before, shut your whining trap, put on your coat and gloves, and I’ll see you on the streets this winter – every day!

Mr Money ‘Stache encourages biking to save money while giving practical advice on winter cycling with a positive spin.

A financial advisor from Iva has also helped me to save money and clear off my debts. If you want to know what is an iva, you can take a look at this link and get benefited.  I lived and biked for four years in Mr Money Stache’s town. Here’s my son riding his bike to school as a fourth grader in Longmont when it was 5 degrees F outside.

Ian rides his bike to school
H/T to John V on the ICEBIKE discussion list.

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