Carbon fiber tallbike

We can always count on Calfee presenting interesting show bikes at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and this year is no exception. This year, they have a carbon fiber tallbike with bamboo lugs and a big carbon fiber kickstand that Jonathon of Bike Portland describes as “the most expensive kickstand in the world.”

Calfee builds their custom carbon fiber and bamboo creations off of San Andreas Road in the the south part of Santa Cruz County. A little further north in Santa Cruz, John Caletti hand builds steel road, mountain and cross bikes. He’s blogging from Austin; if you’re at the show drop by and take a look at this bikes. It’s good too to see Santa Cruz builder Black Cat at the show as well. Swobo is also visiting the show from Santa Cruz, though they don’t do custom bikes.

Other California exhibitors at NAHBS 2011 include Bicycle Fabrications in San Francisco, Cycle Monkey in Albany, Cyclelogical in Southern California, tube supplier KVA Stainless in Escondido, Mission Workshop from San Francisco, Paragon Machine Works out of Richmond, Paul Components in Chico, Inglis Retrotec from Napa Valley. White Industries bring a sample of their work from Marin County, Sheila Moon from the East Bay is there with her 2011 apparel for women, Sycip has bikes from Sonoma and VP Components from San Luis Obispo has their stuff on display.



Urban Velo first images.

The Bicycle Escape set up the NAHBS 2011 Flickr Group for your easy access to custom bike pr0n.

Guitar Ted in Iowa gets all contrarian about the “handmade” concept:

You know, bicycles are built by highly skilled laborers in Asia. Handbuilt indeed! While they may not sip espresso from an Italian cup, or sport a “soul patch”, I really do not see any differences in what they do and what the “Hand built” guys are doing at NAHBS. You might say that the “art” of the bicycle is elevated to a higher degree. Okay, I’ll give you that much, but the “art” doesn’t make it ride any better. What is more, the Asian builders have repeatability down pat. Try that with your fancy-pants bamboo tall-bike.

Finally, Velonews posts at page of craptastic cell phone photos from the show floor.

The photo here is from YiPsan Bicycles in Colorado.

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