New Bike

This morning in Santa Cruz:

Fritz: Did you decide what kind of bike to get?

Laura: Oh, I got it already! I bought a singlespeed from Mission.

Fritz: Are you talking about that bike shop on Mission by Bay Street?

Laura: No, it’s on Valencia.

Bicycle Burden

[Big pause as I think “There’s a Valencia Street in Santa Cruz?” when it dawns on me…]

Fritz: Ohhhh, you’re talking about Mission Bicycle in San Francisco. Very nice!

Bicycle News

San Francisco’s Bike Basket Pies had a nice mention in Sunset Magazine. Natalie bakes pies and delivers them by bike.

Meli and who wore what in San Francisco.

Fresno State University installs self service bike repair stations on campus.

We all know Alan’s excellent bike photography at EcoVelo. He reveals how he carries his photo gear while biking.

Some of you might remember my insane on bike photo rig. I also have a DIY wired remote for that camera.


Bike Rumor compares two different motorcycle bike carrying racks.

Transport Politic on transit support and the geographic divide.

In 1975, Adventure Cycling Association was called Bikecentennial, and Scott Brewer was the oldest member on their first ever tour. Mr Brewer is now 88 years old and still rides centuries.

Photo credits: “Bicycle Burden Hanoi” by ImageMD CC BY-NC-SA; “Bicycle in Oxford” by Joanna McCunn CC BY-NC-ND.

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