No more Caltrain for me

The long awaited office move happens this week, so things are a little crazy as everybody here packs up and otherwise prepares for the 15 mile migration south from the Peninsula into Silicon Valley.

Tomorrow, I’ll drive to the office for the first time in about two years to take some large personal items the movers won’t transport.

This move means no more daily Caltrain for me; I’ll merely bike seven miles to the office from downtown San Jose, mostly on the Guadalupe River Trail. The monthly re-charge / tag on / tag off Clipper Card ritual is a thing of the past. Caltrain’s fare increase this Friday doesn’t matter to me. Caltrain track incidents and broken signals will have no impact on my daily commute.

Caltrain beats driving 101 by a long shot. Bike car cameraderie is hard to beat, and I’ll miss the friends I’ve made on the train, but I can’t say I’ll miss my twice daily train ride. I’m glad my shorter commute means a longer bike commute for me. I also won’t miss the daily Willow Road run and occasional run ins with AC Transit drivers.

Share the Road

If I can cut out of here on time, I’ll try to have pizza to share on the Southbound 266 (5:28 from Menlo Park) for anybody who’d like to join me on my final ride this evening (Monday June 27). I’m always in the second bike car. I don’t imbibe, but BYOB for yourself if you’d like.


  1. I still have the 20 mile bus ride to get from Santa Cruz to San Jose.  Entire distance biking will be 35 miles on way (vs 45 miles right now).

  2. You will LOVE a 7 mile commute. I love my 7 mile commute. It is an almost ideal distance.

  3. But you’re still stuck dealing almost exclusively with western California drivers, which would be enough by itself for me to carry a gun.

  4. Traffic is heavy, but drivers for the most part are mellow and accommodating to bike traffic. There are the occasional road ragers, but they’re few and far between.

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