Rob in Ventura

This is Rob in Ventura California. I think this is the first surfboard-toting panda portrait I’ve seen.

He’s got a lovely blog at Ocean Air Cycles where he writes about the everyday adventure of living car-light with his wife and a little baby. “To be an adventurer does not always mean that every moment needs to be an epic beyond compare,” writes Rob. “Long trips to far away places are great, but not always easy to fit into our busy lives. It is possible to find adventure in the nooks and crannies of each day.

I’ve just run across it today but I already like his philosophy. “The bicycle is a simple and liberating vehicle that can help to facilitate adventure. It does not have to be fancy or in some way magical, the best bike you can ride today is the one you have. Use it as a tool to escape the mundane while still meeting you daily obligations.

Ocean Air Cycles.


  1. I really need to get out and do a Panda Shot one of these days….but it will be hard to compete with this one of Rob’s. Thanks for introducing me to his site…I love it and already set it up on my RSS feed so I can keep updated.


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