Panasonic bikes for aging adults

Panasonic announced a new, ultra low step through ebike with 20″ wheels targeted for Japan’s elderly population.

With the exception of their Panaracer bicycle tires,Panasonic pulled out of the American bike market over 20 years ago. Panasonic remains strong in Japan, however, selling Chinese-manufactured city bikes, folders, bikes for commercial use, and even a line of high end titanium road, track, CX, touring mountain and minivelo bikes that they call (amusingly enough) POS.

Panasonic Lithium ViVi 20" bicycle

Panasonic is the market leader in Japan for electric bicycles, and their latest ebike, dubbed “Lithium ViVi (リチウムビビ) SS20,” features an ultra low step through frame so stiff-jointed elderly adults can continue biking to the market. The electric assist motor and lithium battery have a range of up to 13 km (about 8 miles), which is plenty for a typical compact Japanese city. The frame geometry also allows for a flat footed stance while stopped. The Lithium ViVi SS20 will retail for 89,800円 (about US$1100).

Fenders, rear rack (25 kg capacity), headlight, taillight, chainguard and bell are all standard.

Via Akihabara News.


  1. I wonder if they will offer a bike rack which can hold my cane, or walker for when I arrive at my destination.

  2. This would be perfect from my mother, who is only 63, but has bad hips and lives in the desert where heavy exertion is impossible past 9:30 AM.

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