Phil Keoghan rides a bicycle

Phil Keoghan (host of “The Amazing Race”) rides a vintage bicycle.

Phil Keoghan bicycle

Cyclelicious friend Michael Franken ran into Keoghan at a bike shop in Santa Monica the other week and shot this photo. This gem is a Labor bicycle built in 1910. I’m told Keoghen spent months hunting for tires for this bicycle. Bicyclette Labor was a well known French brand used by track and road racers — including in the Tour de France — in the first couple of decades of the 20 Century. Alycon purchased Labor in the 1920s sometime. After years of sponsoring bike racing teams, Alycon moved on to manufacturing motorcycles and automobiles before fading away in the 1950s.


  1. I was the one that took the photo.  I can assure you (and will provide another photo soon) that he was only testing the bicycle out after a tuneup at Cynergy Cycles in Santa Monica.  He rode the bike the next day in a 100-mile ride for MS.  He rode that in leather shoes.

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