Point 6 Cycling Socks review

Brand new sock company Point 6 sent me their new, merino wool cycling socks to try out.

Point 6 Cycling Socks

Peter and Patty Duke of Steamboat Springs, Colorado sold off their first sock company, Smartwool, a few years ago. They’re back in the merino wool sock game again with their new business, Point 6. The name comes from the idea that their socks work to keep your body at its nominal 98 Point 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a tough time evaluating these socks because my teen son always steals them for his outdoor activities! He takes them for his trail runs, mountain bike forays, and even a couple of short hiking trips through the spring. He’s a non-communicative teen male, but if actions speak louder than words, then it sounds like a ringing endorsement for these socks.

I can tell you the cozy, itch-free fabric fits my feet perfectly and doesn’t hold foot stink like some synthetics I own do. If my son doesn’t grab them first, Point 6 are the socks I look for when I go for a ride. After nearly two months of probably near daily use, the socks hold their shape as if they’re brand new.

You can find Point 6 socks at outdoor retailers. In Northern California, Sports Basement is probably the retailer most familiar to cyclist.

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  1. STP had a great deal on them before, but I hadn’t heard of point 6 then and went with another brand. The Dahlgrens are great wool socks also, sometimes for as cheap as $6 a pair.

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