Popularity contest

Darryl @ Loving The Bike has voting up for his 2011 Crank Honors, a directory of favorite cycling blogs in various categories. You can find Cyclelicious among other very worthwhile entries in the “Lifestyle” category.

Go vote: Loving The Bike Crank Directory.

A word out: I may be slow reading and responding to email and comments. I’m watching a bike race while simultaneously trying to get some work done and browsing for online photos to link to later this afternoon.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1.  You are one incredibly fantastic person, Richard.  I really appreciate you mentioning and promoting our 2011 Crank Honors.  Best of luck to you and all the cycling blogs as we set out to find this year’s Top Dog.


  2. Good luck, Richard! We have some pretty tough competition in the ‘Lifestyle’ category. It’s great to see so many really good blogs listed.

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