R2D2 Helmet

Jenn dolls up a scooter helmet to look like R2D2’s robotic head.

R2D2 helmet

Jenn aka “Clever Girl” rides a scooter around Philadelphia. Her method of sanding, masking and spraypainting designs likely won’t work so well on your standard “sporty” bike helmets, and every bicycle helmet warranty I’ve seen is invalidated if the helmet is modified.

R2D2 Star Wars helmet

But what if somebody like Nutcase or Bern sold a blank slate helmet of sorts that is designed to be decorated like this? Would there be a market for something like that?

You can read the details at Clever Girl’s blog. More recently, she’s created a really cute Angry Birds scooter helmet. Who cares about helmet hair with something like that perched on your head?

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