Rapture ready flowchart

My bus pass expires on Sunday. Harold Camping predicts rapture on Saturday. Should I buy a new pass on Friday?

Rapture Ready!

It appears there is no downside to buying a bus pass, even if I don’t need one on Monday. I should plan for the future, do my laundry, pay my bills, &cetera. If the rapture happens, it’s not like I can take the cash with me.

If, however, I don’t buy the pass Friday and the rapture doesn’t happen, I’m stuck Monday since the local shop that sells bus passes doesn’t open until something like 10 AM. If I don’t plan, I won’t have clean clothes, Comcast shuts off my Internet, the landlord evicts me, &cetera.

If you don’t hear from me on Monday, you’ll know I’ve gone to meet the Lord in the air, from where I’ll watch the mayhem of the ensuing Zombie Apocalypse. You’re free to take the shotgun shells in my garage. Have a great weekend and Maranatha!


  1. …i haven’t commented in a while, amigo but THAT was frickin’ hilarious…

    …see you on monday, “same as it ever was”…

    …& if not, wish me luck…i know you, of all people, will be looking over me with peace in your heart & those shells might buy me some time…

    …bless you, fritz,
    your pal,

  2. Nice one, man.  @bikerly:disqus  must be rubbing off on you……those crazy sharpie drawings are showing up everywhere.  Pretty sure you should go with getting another pass.  Catch you on the other side, dude.


  3. I’m working overtime on Saturday, but my supervisor said if the world ends, he’ll put all of us in for double time!  Yee Haw!

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