San Jose Diridon Plan meeting

San Jose Diridon Station, already a major transportation hub with three different passenger rail lines and multiple bus lines from three counties, is slated to become one of the busiest multimodal transit hubs in California with a High Speed Rail and BART connection planned for San Jose. With significant infill development occurring in the vicinity of Diridon, the city began working on a plan for the 500 acres around Diridon in 2009.

Pigeon in the train station

On Monday, January 10th, planners will present their ideas to the San Jose city council on January 25. On Monday, January 10 at 6:30 PM, join the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Greenbelt Alliance and Diridon area residents at a neighborhood meeting to discuss shared goals for the future of Diridon and environs. Carlos Babcock of SVBC will give a presentation on how Diridon can become a bicycling Mecca as well as lessons learned from Portland and San Diego. This community meeting takes place at the Alma Community Center at 136 West Alma Avenue, San Jose, CA.

At the last Diridon community meeting, many residents expressed concern that the development would transform their neighborhood even further into a car-oriented sports district instead of the walkable community that they prefer. They pointed to the monstrous failure of planning in one of San Jose’s more recent redevelopment efforts — the San Jose Market Center — as an example of transportation planning gone wrong.

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