San Jose Kidical Mass

In addition to the other fun bike events in the SF Bay Area this weekend, don’t forget about the May Day Kidical Mass in San Jose.

This Sunday is the inauguration of a monthly Kidical Mass in the Glen & Festivals, a monthly family “get out and ride” opportunity encouraging people to play as a community the 1st Sunday of every month. Bike rides start at 10:45am at Treehouse in the Glen, 1275 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA.

Kidical Mass began three years ago in Eugene, Oregon as a legal, safe and FUN bike ride for kids, kids at heart, and their families.

Denver, Colorado bike people have also organized a series of Kidical Mass rides over this summer, with outings to city parks, a fire station, and the Denver Zoo.


  1. I have heard of such activity in the US recently. As a matter of the fact, I had joined a website community in Chicago because one of their members introduced my blog on their community website. I was just happy to share the informations but I don’t live there. I always ride my mama bicycle with my daughters on every weekend so I naturally thought such family activities were wonderful. However I don’t live there… Richard, did I take a mistake on the website ? If so I don’t have any idea to bother their activities on the website. ( Sorry, but I just want to say a word…)

  2. I help to organize Chicago’s Kidical Mass. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in March and offered a group ride every single month, including some 20 degree days in January and February. Our next ride is March 14th @ 10:30 am and I’d love a write up if readers don’t have Kidical Mass fatigue! Here’s a link to our Facebook and Chainlink (cycling social community) page: and

  3. Hi Shuichi – you wrote, “Richard, did I take a mistake on the website ?” but I don’t understand your question. Do you wonder if it’s appropriate / proper for you to comment on a Chicago website?

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